Cowhide for All Ages: Styling Tips for Different Generations

Cowhide for All Ages: Styling Tips for Different Generations


Welcome to Bethany Rae, a quintessentially British brand that champions the timeless elegance and versatile appeal of cowhide. From our roots in the UK, we've been dedicated to providing an exquisite range of cowhide products and accessories that blend tradition with modernity. This blog post delves into the world of cowhide, offering styling tips for every generation – from the playful innocence of childhood to the refined grace of senior years.

Cowhide for Children and Teens

Children’s Decor with a Twist: Cowhide isn't just for adults. Its durability and unique patterns make it an excellent choice for children's rooms. Consider a soft cowhide rug, which can withstand the rigours of playtime while adding a touch of whimsy. Cowhide cushions can also add a cosy yet adventurous element to a child's bedroom.

Teen Fashion Essentials: For the fashion-conscious teen, cowhide accessories are both trendy and enduring. A small cowhide crossbody bag or a chic belt can add a dash of style to any outfit, making a statement that's both bold and effortlessly cool.

Young Adults and Cowhide

Fashion-Forward Statements: As young adults experiment with their personal style, cowhide can be a fantastic addition. A cowhide jacket or a pair of cowhide boots can elevate a simple outfit to something extraordinary, embodying a blend of rustic charm and urban sophistication.

Modern Living with a Rustic Edge: For young adult decorating their first home or apartment, cowhide offers a stylish yet functional element. A piece of furniture upholstered in cowhide or a striking cowhide wall art can create a focal point in any modern living space.

Midlife Chic: Cowhide for Adults

Sophisticated Style Accessories: For adults seeking a touch of sophistication, cowhide accessories like elegant handbags or sleek wallets offer a blend of practicality and luxury. These items not only stand the test of time but also add a refined edge to any ensemble.

Elegant Home Decor: Incorporating cowhide in home decor can bring a sense of mature elegance. Opt for larger furniture pieces like a cowhide armchair or a statement rug to add a layer of luxury and comfort to your living space.

Seniors Embracing Cowhide

Timeless Elegance for Seniors: Seniors can enjoy the timeless elegance of cowhide through classic pieces. Comfortable cowhide slippers or a soft, draped throw can provide both style and comfort, catering to the needs of older adults while adding a touch of sophistication.

Cowhide in Senior Living Spaces: For senior living spaces, cowhide can be both practical and stylish. Consider slip-resistant cowhide rugs or armchairs with cowhide upholstery for a blend of safety, comfort, and elegance.


Cowhide's versatility spans across generations, offering something special for everyone. Whether you're adorning a nursery, jazzing up a teen's wardrobe, adding sophistication to your midlife home, or bringing comfort to senior living, cowhide provides a unique blend of durability, style, and timeless appeal. We invite you to explore Bethany Rae's collection, where you'll find the perfect cowhide piece that resonates with your age and style.